My 12-16 students teach you Spanish expressions in exchange of yours

OUR SCHOOL PROJECT / nuestro proyecto escolar


We are a school in the South of Spain (Andújar)  called “Virgen de la Cabeza” that wants to start new projects of cooperation with other schools using SKYPE as a useful tool of communication and on the basis of several usual topics that concern our students.

In the following months after the creation of this blog, my students will become your particular “teachers” of  Spanish expressions if you’re studying our language in exchange of yours. On http://education.skype.com, you can find us as “reyes.andujar” user:

“English teacher at a school in the South of Spain, Andújar (Andalucía), working in a proyect that consists on:

– offering Spanish vocabulary in exchange of English expressions about specific subjects that participants will propose on the basis of their own experiences (e.g.: subject ->”school”, how do we say in English “hacer la robona”?)

– building up a dictionary of both participants terms

– evaluating our students by pictionary game sessions”

On the right side bar, you can find different skype sessions with some material based on usual vocabulary that our students often use in the different situations of their routines.


Responsible for the project:

Reyes G. Monaj (Languages Dept.)
Colegio Trinitario “Virgen de la Cabeza”
Ollerías, 31
23740 Andújar (JAÉN)
tel: 953-50-02-39
e-mail: correoparaelcole@yahoo.es
english blog: http://www.trinilanguages.blogspot.com
french blog: http://www.lamarmitedobelix.blogspot.com

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